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Abdelrouf Suwid

Board-Certified Periodontist

and Dental Implant Surgeon by

American Board of Periodontology

Dr. Suwid is a Board-Certified Periodontist and Dental Implant Surgeon by the American Board of Periodontology. He earned his Bachelor degree in Dental Surgery from Al Arab Medical University. Following his graduation, Dr. Suwid gained valuable years of experience by working as a general dentist and teaching assistant in Periodontology department.

His education continued at Boston University to successfully receive a Master’s degree in Oral Biology and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Periodontology. Dr. Suwid completed his Doctorate of Science in Periodontology at Boston University. His thesis focused on bone biology and entitled “Engineering Novel Models for Craniofacial Bone Regeneration in Presence or Absence of Insulin”.

Dr. Suwid is an active member of American Board of Periodontology and Implant surgery and American Academy of Periodontology. Away from the office, Dr. Suwid enjoys travelling, soccer and spending time with his wife and three kids.

Ahmed Matri 


Dr. Ahmed Matri was born in Portland Oregon and spent his early childhood in Brasilia, the Capital of Brazil. As a son of a former diplomat who had the chance to experience diverse places and people, Dr. Matri developed a global perspective and outlook at an early age, which helped transform his deep interest in people's health and well-being into a lifelong passion and professional pursuit.

After earning his Bachelor in Dental Surgeon BDS from Arab Medical University, Dr. Matri worked as a general dentist for seven years. Driven by his ambition to pursue advanced specialized knowledge and professional development, Dr. Matri joined the Oral Surgery Department at New York University where he earned a certificate in oral surgery.
After completing the certificate program at NYU, Dr. Matri enrolled in the Endodontics Program at New York University and completed the residency program. Soon after graduating from New York University endodontic program, Dr. Matri won admission to the Dental Implant program at Loma Linda University in California and received a fellowship in Implant Dentistry.

In addition to be an associate fellow at American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Dr. Matri has a fellowship in Endodontics from The Royal College of Dentists of Canada.

Since graduating from Loma Linda University, Dr. Matri has been working as an associate at Lanier Endodontic Group in Blacksburg Virginia.

During his academic tenure at New York University, Dr. Matri was privileged to be selected for two outreach trips to Grenada and Ecuador, providing free dental services to underserved communities in both countries.

Dr. Matri recently moved to Northern Virginia where he launched his own private practice at Oak Endodontics. He is keen and passionate to deliver the highest standard of dental care to all patients.

In his spare time, Dr. Matri enjoys spending quality time with his wife and his three children.

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